Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Buzz Over Kerry's Remark

Okay, I think the guy got a raw deal in the last election over his military service. How you can spin a man's willingness to go into harm's way at the direction of the military leadership into a character flaw is simply beyond me and I never went out on that limb. But, to equate military service in Iraq with lack of education is equally stupid. I'm not certain what he was trying to say, but I can tell you that after reading his remarks the message certainly comes across the way the Republicans are communicating it and he can't blame the White House for his comments. They didn't make them. He did and what he said is absolutely unacceptable to the entire country. Blame Bush for our troubles in Iraq if you will.........blame Cheney and the DoD as well, but don't deny the brave men and women serving in Iraq the same respect that those of us who served in Vietnam deserved.

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