Monday, June 04, 2007

The Man in the Moon

I remember the first time I saw the film, primarily because Reese Witherspoon was so young. I looked it up and it was released in 1991, which is sixteen years ago and that would have made her 15 years old playing the part of a 14 year old. Good casting if you ask me. She was great and the film took me back to 1957 when things were so much simpler and life was in so many ways easier; or at least upon reflection it seems today that 1957 was an easier time.........I don't know, perhaps not for my parents who had a 3 year old, a 5+ year old, a 7 year old and a 9 year old plus Joe and Judy, who were 6 years older and 9 years older than me respectively. Judy was would marry that year at the age of 16.......different times indeed!

So why bring this movie to your attention? Well, I suppose because it reminded me of my first love. Her name was Sandra Wood and she lived across the street and she was the first girl I ever kissed........there's a first kiss in this movie as well. They are special you know and you never forget your first kiss. Plus there was tragedy and heartache and we had plenty of that in '57 as well. My Mom had cancer and Dad was lost. I broke my foot that year and had my appendix removed as well.......We moved several times and I remember being constantly frightened......funny how memories come back to you.

Anyway, good movie. You should watch it!


Anonymous said...

Patrick; I remember those days well. I sat up with you while you were in the hospital having your appendix out. When you broke your foot you scared the bejeepers out of me and I lay awake all night listening for you to whimper. Once the pain in your foot subsided, you slept pretty well. Then, of course, there was the cast on your foot for six weeks and following you to school to make sure that you didn't have any problems. Mom's cancer, both times, was scarey, but she beat it both times and is approaching her 89th birthday. Sandra Woods?? I saw her many years later. Visited her mom while her mom was in the hospital back in the mid 70's. Sandra looked like a bigger version of her childhood self that we remember as children. All in all, it seems to me that you turned out pretty well.
Love you brother, Joe

Anonymous said...

I saw Sandra last year and she still talks about you and the Kiss, you must have left an impression.